Top 6 Home Remedies For Nasal Polyps

Although nasal polyps is not so serious that puts us under threat of cancer or even death like other diseases, this problem causes a lot of trouble in our daily life such as breathing difficulties or smelling change. Here are the top 6 home remedies for nasal polyps that helps you overcome these discomfort.


The appearance of nasal polyps can be put down to bad bacteria which gain the better of beneficial bacteria. On the other hand, ginger is the best one in the area of preventing harmful enemies inside your body from causing irritation, and now, we have got ginger as one of the most effective home remedies for nasal polyps. The mixture of water and boiled ginger makes contribution to the healing process as well as strengthen your immune system well, the final result will definitely go beyond your expectation. Keep in mind to buy more ginger if you want to kill two birds with one stone: nice meals and good health.

Cayenne pepper

The spicy flavor of cayenne pepper is not the only impression, people put strong impression on this spices for its ability of curing sickness like nasal polyps. A cup of fine dry cayenne pepper water every day will escape you from infection caused by this nasal problem due to the substance of capsaicin. Despite a number of people can not get taste of this glass, you should not give up from the first days, because this unfamiliarity might be the first step that counts in the process of healing your matter. In case you find some strange symptoms come to your body, discontinue and go to see doctor for help.


Not only being an indispensable ingredient in dishes, onion is also used for fighting back problem of nasal polyps due to the property of sulfur compounds. Your breathe will be easier and your voice will not sound strange anymore after you have onion applied in your treatment. Onion is widely used as a good home remedies for nasal polyps for it is available in every market and it is arguably suitable for people being on budget. Moreover, you will absolutely find no difficulties in making a natural prescription from this wonderful ingredient, the hardest step for most people is drinking the solution of boiled onion and water for the fact that its smell is too strong for them, but, try to make an effort before giving up!

Apple cider vinegar

Apple cider vinegar works extremely well on the battle against nasal polyps for its reputable ability of hindering fungus and virus from keeping attacking people’s body. Making home remedy from this kind of vinegar takes no sweat because all you have to do is adding about 2 spoons of this sour-tasting liquid into 200 ml pure water, besides, you can have a more tasty glass by implementing honey with a small amount. Since apple cider vinegar is a DIY product, it is recommended that you would rather make use of really natural ingredients to make it for the sake of yourself.

Citrus fruit


Citrus fruit contains a lot of vitamin C that plays an important role in improving the power of immunity, and it totally pays the way for getting rid of the nasal problems. Furthermore, citrus fruit is the best option in term of beautifying your skin and making your body become sexier, so, absorbing it on its origin or making juice is all fine to the whole. In spite of the fact that citrus fruits can last long, it does not mean that its preservation is ignored, let’s find the way of preserving to make sure that your fresh fruits are always well-served.

Tea tree oil

The capacity of combating harmful bacteria and inflammation leads tea tree oil to become one of the most popular home remedies for nasal polyps. You can mix it with warm water to consume 3 times a day or apply directly on the throat, these two ways with tea tree oil can save your time most. Though the advantages of tea tree oil is undeniable, you should not overuse this ingredient unless you expect for some strange symptoms of other sickness. Do not forget to take advantage of this oil in your daily life too!

Have you ever tried to apply all of these home remedies for nasal polyps? Drop a comment to tell us!

Jelly Jeff

Jelly Jeff is a nurse. She studied for a long time in Denmark and Singapore. She keens to write health tips and nutrition knowledge. She has been a freelancer for a couple of year and a contributor for many health websites like Authority Remedies, Lifehack or Instructables.

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