Regular hygienic sexual habits

Do you know what is actually meant by hygiene? Hygiene are practices which are followed in order to restore the cleanliness in our body. It is important for the physical and the social prosperity of every human. Sex in an integral part of our lives. It is good to have sex regularly but in a healthy and a hygienic way. In fact, the practice of sex everyday serves as a form of exercise. Couples should try out different methods of practising sex but in a hygienic way. If not done so it can lead to various kinds of serious diseases that will pose a threat to your health. Hygiene and cleanliness education is imparted to us since we all were in the primary school. The hygienic practices for the well-being of the entire body. Just follow some healthy sex practises every night and stay diseases free all your life.

sexual habits

Do’s and Don’ts 

1. Woman should cleanse their genitals in order to stay safe and hygienic. It is always better if you wash your vagina and then your anus. Transfer of germs and yeast infections can be prevented in this way.

2. Men who are uncircumcised should pull back the foreskin in order to cleanse the glans with lukewarm water. The inner skin of the foreskin should also be cleaned as it is exposed to bacteria, dead cells and body fluids.

3. Men and woman should cleanse their hands and nails with disinfectants before and after their sexual activity so as to prevent deportation of germs and bacteria to the genitals.

sexual habits

4. You should always clean the hair near your private parts. When left unshaven then it can lead to rashes and various other skin problems. This mainly happens during the season of summer. The sweat and the warmth leads your skin to suffer, if it is left uncleaned.

5. Woman should not have sex especially during the first two day of their menstrual cycle. This habit should be practised in order to escape from embarrassment from her partner.

6. Do not even think of having oral sex if your partner is having rashes or inflammations close to the genitals. This can easily pass on to you.

7. Both the sexes should wear clean and fresh undergarments. You should try and change your inner wear after your sexual activity. Your inner wear will become naturally wet and sweaty after you are over with your sexual activity. Change your undies as it can become a breeding ground for the bacteria and this will severely affect your genital portion.

8. Never hold back from urinating. If while having sex you feel the desire to urinate then always go and attend to the natures call. You should urinate in order to avoid bacterial growth. All these habits should be followed in order to maintain personal hygiene. These practices will also safeguard you from various kinds of infections that can spread due to unhygienic sex practices. On following these methods, you will also have a blasting sex life with your partner every day.

sexual habits

BeautyCareTips Suggestion: Always use disposal razors and avoid cream based hair removal creams. If you feel shy to buy some cleansing products there is always a home remedy for sure, add Tea tree oil(few 1-2 drop) in baking soda-1tsp in consistent water. Tea tree oil will prevent foul odour and baking soda will give mild cleansing in sensitive areas this remedy is useful for both men and women.

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