Prevent Osteoporosis by these 7 ways

What causes Osteoporosis? 

Osteoporosis is a condition when you lose out calcium from your bones. The bones become very brittle and fragile. Most likely you will say that this condition prevails because of a diet which is deficient in calcium. This is not the only reason which causes calcium deficiency in your bones. Other reason includes low oestrogen in woman, low testosterone in men, lack of hormone balance, calcium deficiency, thyroid, lack of Vitamin D in your body, smoking, medicines, critical medical conditions and too much consumption of alcohol.

Seven ways to prevent Osteoporosis

1. Stop consuming carbonated drinks and alcohol

Carbonated beverages, champagne and sparkling drinks squeezes out the calcium from your bones. Carbonated drinks which are popularly known as soft drinks contains an excess amount of phosphates which lead to calcium deficiency in your body.

2. Have less protein in your diet

Consumption of protein causes acid creation in the bones. The acid in the bones causes calcium to pass through as urine. Two to four ounces of lean protein should be consumed by people at least thrice a day. Not more than that. The American diet contains more protein intake than the average level.

3. Save some acid in your stomach

Lack of acidity in your belly can lead your body bones to become thinner. There are many drugs for heartburn and hiatal hernia that blocks the acid in your stomach. Stomach acid always absorbs minerals like calcium, magnesium and zinc. Risk of Osteoporosis increases with the blockage of acid in the stomach.

4. Less consumption of caffeine

Having too much of caffeine can make you lose 150 mg of calcium through the urine. If you think that having chemically decaffeinated coffee will release you off this tension, then you are wrong. Chemicals in the decaffeinated coffee interferes with the detoxification in your body.

5. Stay out in the sun

Deficiency in Vitamin D is a rising factor among most individuals these days. Vitamin D helps in the absorption process of calcium. Vitamin D is also important for depression and autoimmune problems. Try to stay in the sun without sunscreen as far as you can tolerate. Do not block the rays of the sun. It is very good for your health.

6. Reduction in stress

Due to high stress level cortisol levels are also increasing. When cortisol level stays high for a long duration of time then it can lead to loss in the bone. Cortisol level also increases the blood sugar level thereby causing loss of calcium through the urine. In order to remove stress, you have to perform yoga every morning. If you are insomniac, you have to grab more amount of sleep in order to perform your daily chores.

7. Bring a change in your diet

Refined sugar and starch consumption to an excess level should be reduced. This leads to increase in bone thinning thereby loss of calcium. Try to have vegetables and foods containing of good fats which you keep you hale and hearty in the long run.

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