How Obesity Causes Infertility?

Obesity can be a serious problem if not taken care of and can lead to many other complications related to it. A person is said to be obese if he/she has a basal metabolic rate (BMI) much more than the normal value. One of the issues related to obesity is infertility that can occur in both men and women. Infertility leads to complications in having a baby for a couple. Here are the ways how obesity affects infertility in both the gender.


Hormones are affected due to obesity

When a person is obese, the levels of hormones in their body keep changing. These changes in the hormone levels badly affect a woman as it might lead to poor conception in her. She might not be able to ovulate normally and the quality of her eggs may not be up to the mark. This way, her eggs will not be fertile and she will not be able to conceive.

Obesity causes resistance of insulin in body

The hormonal imbalance in your body, irrespective of you being a man or a woman, leads to resistance of insulin in your body. For a woman, it can cause irregular menstrual cycles and may also lead an ovulation where she might not be able to produce eggs normally. Resistance in insulin can also affect your blood sugar level and will obviously lead to diabetes if not taken care of.

Obesity badly affects fertility of a man

For an obese man, infertility includes a decrease in libido, poor quality of semen and erectile dysfunction. If he has any of these, he might not be able to make his partner fertile and they might not be able to have a baby. Hence for a man it is essential to take care that he doesn’t suffer from any of them.

Pregnancies in women are affected due to obesity

An obese woman can undergo changes in her menstruation and poor quality of eggs. As a result, she may undergo a miscarriage irrespective of a natural pregnancy or an assisted pregnancy like in vitro fertilization (IVF). Her abdominal wall will face problems in the implantation of egg due to the insulin resistance. Also, the hormones in her body that are responsible for maintaining the pregnancy will undergo changes due to altered levels of hormones.

Obesity affects both the mother and the baby before and after birth


If a woman is obese, she might face many pregnancy related issues like gestational diabetes, fluctuating blood pressure, hypertension, clotting of blood, infection, and a need for c section during the time of delivery. If the woman is obese, there are chances that her child can face similar obesity issues in the later stages of life and may have other obesity related issues.

Obesity is not good for health and should be taken care of in a proper manner. Be it a man or a woman, one needs to find a solution to reduce weight as soon as possible to avoid any further health complications, especially related to fertility.


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