You might be wearing wrong makeup everyday! Find out ingredients that should not be in your makeup

The skin is the largest treasure of your body. It has a habit of absorbing everything that is toxic in nature. Are you conscious about your health? If you are then you definitely avoid foods consisting of trans fat, cholesterol, etc. In the same way, you should also watch out for the harmful ingredients that is used to produce your makeup.

1. Sodium Lauryl or Laureth Sulphate

harmful cosmetic

It is a low priced and coarse in nature chemical that is mainly used to produce shampoos. It has a great cleansing and foaming ability. Most of the times it is extracted from petroleum. If you do not avoid this chemical then you might suffer from irritation in eyes, dryness of the scalp, irritations on skin and allergies.

2. Petrolatum

toxin petrolatum in cosmetic

Another name for petrolatum is petroleum jelly which is also extracted from mineral oil. The main reason of not using this chemical is that it is famous for blocking skin pores. Thereby stopping your body to produce oils anymore. This condition leads to less moisturisation of the skin thereby causing dryness and cracks. Why do make up producers use it then? Well the answer is very simple. This chemical reduces their production cost.

3. PVP or VA Copolymer

toxin in your hair serum

It is yet another chemical extracted from petroleum jelly. Most of the hair styling serums and sprays contains this chemical. It is very much toxic in nature and if smelt can cause a severe harm to your lungs.

4. Synthetic fragrances


It is read as fragrance listed at the back of the product. It is hardly understandable from this label whether it is a chemical or something else. Headaches, giddiness, rashes and respiratory diseases are on high rise by the usage of this chemical. Some users have also gone through a typical brown spot formation on the skin.

5. Synthetic colours

Synthetic colours

It is read as FD and C or D and C at the back of any product. The usage of this chemical makes a product appear beautiful and quite attractive. It is carcinogenic in nature.

6. Methyl, propyl, butyl and ethyl parabens

skin rashes

Preservation of any cosmetic is done with the help of these chemicals. It only helps in hindering growth of microbes and also helps the product to last you long. The side effect of these chemicals is that it causes rashes on your skin and also allergies. These chemicals are yet another reason in causing breast cancer among humans. It has been also learnt that many of these chemicals are used in industrial industries. The same ingredients are also used in your personal care products. Did you give it a think what are the side effects of using these chemicals? While purchasing personal care products you should look out for the ingredients listed at the back of any product. It will help you understand whether you should purchase the product or not. More than these cosmetics it is better to use homemade materials while will not only nourish the skin but will also help to moisturise your body.

BeautyCareTips Suggestion: Remove makeup with mild cleanser or use milk this will soften your skin. We recommend to use very light moisturiser after face wash , if you have very dry skin or let your skin breath without applying any products before going to bed.

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