Meal during Pregnancy

Pregnancy is a time in a woman’s life where she has to take care of her eating habits and foods that she consumes the most. This is the time where she has to take care of herself and the baby nurturing inside her. She has to consume foods that ensure and maintain a healthy body of both her and her baby. Here are some of the foods to include during the time of pregnancy.

Dairy products


Dairy products are rich in proteins necessary for your body. You can include milk, milk products, yogurt, and curd. These will provide your body with calcium, probiotic bacteria, and multivitamins. It will prevent gestational diabetes, allergies and vaginal infections.

Dried beans and lentils


Beans and lentils are richer source of proteins and fibers. I cup of lentils each day will meet the requirements of folate in your body. You can add beans and lentils in your salads or meals and it prevent constipation in your body.

Sweet potato


Sweet potatoes are loaded with beta carotene that gets converted in your body to vitamin A. Vitamin A is one of the most required vitamins during the time of pregnancy. They contain high amount of fibers that regular the digestion and blood sugar levels in your body.



Broccoli is rich in fibres, calcium, folate and disease preventing antioxidants. It is also rich in vitamin C that helps to absorb iron in your body when you consume it with iron rich sources of food. You can broccoli’s to any curries, salads or dressings.



If you are a fan of sea food, you can consume salmon as it is rich in omega 3 fatty acids. If you do not prefer non vegetarian food, you can consume the omega 3 capsules as omega 3 fatty acids are very much essential in your body, especially when you are pregnant. It also contains vitamin D which is required for maintaining the immunity and bone health.



Bananas are loaded with potassium that helps to combat fatigue due to pregnancy. They also provide relief to your stomach if you suffer from nausea. You can include bananas with your lunch, or add them to your smoothies, milkshakes, juices, salads or juices.



Eggs are known to be one of the healthy foods as they are rich in almost all the nutrients required by the body. It contains high amounts of proteins and fats and also an essential nutrient choline. Choline is necessary for brain health and development

Whole grains and cereals


During the times of second and third trimesters, you need to increase your calorie intake and for the same reason you need to include whole grains in your diet to meet your calorie requirements. Whole grains and cereals are highly rich in vitamins, fibres and compounds of plants. Apart from this, the whole grains also contain vitamin B and magnesium which is a requirement for pregnant women.

BeautyCareTips Suggestions: Consult an dietitian or gynaecologist and get a prescribed medicine or extra supplement if you have allergy or any kind of sickness towards above mentioned meals.

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