Know your acupressure points today for healthy living

The moment you bump onto a wall you tend to get hurt on your elbow or on your foot. When you touch the point of pain to soothe it, this forms the basis of acupressure. This method of healing was first established by the Chinese. It serves as a traditional form of healing for the Chinese which was found 5000 years back. Pregnant woman and cancer patients should never try out with acupressure without the permission of their doctor. It is a healthy practice and beginners who do not get it will be fluent with it after some practice.

Joining the Valley

Joining the valley

This point is achieved when you join your thumb and forefinger. You have to press and massage the point on one hand for some minutes and repeat the same with your other hand. This process is normally used to cure you off headaches. At the same time, it can also help you deal with your tooth ache, agony on your neck and shoulders, arthritis, hangovers and constipation.


pericardium acupressure point

This point is exactly located about 3 fingers just below the base of your palm. With the help of your index and middle fingers keep on massaging this point for around half a minute. Repeat this same process on your other hand. Continue with this process on your other hand until you are cured off your problem. By repeating this process, you will get cured off from fatigue and vomiting which can be caused by a number of factors like pregnancy, motion sickness and chemotherapy. You can also get cured off from stomach upset, pain in the temple, headaches, chest pain and carpel tunnel syndrome.

Third Eye



This point is exactly located right in the middle of your forehead and in line with your nose. With the help of your middle finger, you have to press the area for around seconds. If you try out this method for several times a week you can relieve yourself from strain in your eyes, dizziness, headaches, insomnia, sinus and congestion. It can also sharpen your memory, cools you down when you are angry and brings about an improvisation on your emotional and spiritual health.


Sea of tranquillity

Sea of tranquillity

This point is located right at the centre of your chest. It is rightly located about 3 to 4 fingers above the base of the breastbone. When you are sitting on a chair with your spine absolutely straight, then you can put your palms together as if you are praying with your fingers pointed upwards. The knuckles of your thumb should be squeezed into this point.

Your hand should move up and down for some minutes. Deep breaths should follow this position. This point keeps you good with your emotional and mental problems like nervousness, hysteria, anxiety and frustration. The immunity system in your body will be improved with the pressing of this point.

If all of the above procedures are followed whenever you face some health issues, then you can get a relief from it. This is the safest way to restore your health.

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