Healthy measure to avoid STD

STD’s or sexually transmitted diseases can spread among people very easily. It occurs due to skin to skin contact. You can also find out whether you or your partner is having STD or not. With the help of a simple test you can easily do that. This can keep you away from STD.

Wont people have sex due to the fear of STD’s? Well that is not the case. You will obviously have a full-fledged sex life but at the same time you should be aware about STD’s and the healthy measures to escape from it.

1. Speak with your partner

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Speak with your partner openly regarding this topic. If your partner is unaware about this deadly disease, then make him or her aware about it. This will make your bonding with your partner stronger. At the same time, you should never be ashamed of speaking frankly and openly regarding your sexual practices with your doctor. You can also ask him about the tests.

2. Get yourself tested

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If you have never had sex with anyone previously then you can be spared from this test. The test to detect STD will help you to learn whether or not you are a carrier of STD. At times this disease remains undetected. Before getting yourself tested you should better ask your doctor when is the right time to get tested. Symptoms of STD’s are also prevalent. You can get to know all by yourself. At times these symptoms cannot be relied upon. It is always better to get tested rather than to predict.

3. Have lesser number of sex partners

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Lessen the number of sex partners. When you are going to be intimate then do so with only a single partner. You should also learn about his sexual history. If you have less number of sex partners, then the risk of getting STD is also lessened at the same time.

4. Practice safe sex

safe sex

Condoms are the best way to prevent unwanted pregnancies and STD’s. Every time you have sex the man should use a condom in order to stay safe. While practising anal, vaginal and oral sex wearing a condom can stop the diseases from being transmitted from one person to another if any one of the couple is a carrier. Female condoms can also be used. Compared to male condoms female condoms gives you lesser percentage of protection.

5. Stop consuming liquor and drugs

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When you are cast under the spell of alcohol or drugs you cannot make right decisions for yourself. You might land up having sex without any kind of protection. This will invite a great danger. Not only can the woman be pregnant but also STD’s are transmitted through your unsafe practice of sex. Always be careful not to drink and then practice sex.

6. Get more knowledge regarding vaccines

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Right now, vaccines are also available in order to safeguard you from STD’s. In order to get vaccinated you can speak regarding this with your doctor. He will be the best person to help you out.

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