Find out right water temperature is good for daily skin care?

In the months of winter, you would want to stay long hours under a warm refreshing shower. Do you know what should be the temperature of the water be? Many dermatologists suggest that the water should be lukewarm. It has been said by many experts that young people are able to bathe in much more warmer water than the older section. Do you know why?

A refreshing bath with the right temperature

shower temperature for refreshment

Water heaters can warm up the water up to 140 degrees Fahrenheit. Dermatologists suggest that the water should not be heated more than 120 degrees Fahrenheit. This will help you to get rid of any kind of injuries. The best temperature for getting clean every day is 112 degrees. Doctors suggest that the water temperature should be checked before you take a shower. A thermometer should be placed under the tap in order to get the exact reading of the water. Doctors recommend that the water should be soothing on your body and not make you uncomfortably warm. A thick layer is present on the epidermis of our skin. This layer keeps all unwanted water and infections out and keeps the good water in. If you compare this fatty layer to butter on a knife, then it is seen that the butter retains under cold water and melts away when put under heated water. This is what warm water does to your skin if the temperature is above 112 degrees Fahrenheit.

Among younger people the chunky layer of skin will be replaced faster as compared to older folks. With age tolerance towards warm water also fades. This can lead to a very dry skin, rashes and even eczema. If an older folk applies moisturiser on that skin, then also it won’t be able to rejuvenate his skin. A 20 year old will be able to bear two warm showers a day. If she commits the same act when she is 40 then she will find her skin is deprived of moisture.

Switch over from hot water to cold water

Cold water shower for refreshment

Many people are of the view that switching over from warm to cold water makes your locks shiny. After rinsing the keratin of your hair with cold water for a period of 15 seconds makes your hair appear much more brighter and glistening. After you wash your face with warm water at a temperature of 112 degree Fahrenheit you should rinse it well with cold water in order to open up the skin pores. Cold water opens up pores of the skin in a better way. After this process the pores are tightly closed in order to give you a moisturised and a refreshing skin. Some dermatologists are of the view that water for washing your face and body should be around 70 degree Fahrenheit. Many doctors contradict this point saying that the temperature should be lower than 70 degree Fahrenheit.

BeautyCareTips Suggestion : If you are searching for the right water temperature for your body, and  people suffering for skin conditions, kindly consult your dermatologist before you follow any of the above procedures.

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