Female sexual problems

Sexual problems can be a big cause for creating quarrels between a couple. It is a problem which disables the couple to experience satisfaction from their sexual activity. It can be caused in both men and woman. In th2is article, we are going to speak about female sexual problems. The sexual cycle has four important phases namely excitement, plateau, orgasm and resolution. It is such a case which many people are ashamed to speak about openly with their partners. It becomes very important to consult a doctor when it hampers your married life.

Causes of sexual problem among woman

Physical causes

There are many kinds of medical issues which creates a nuisance in your sex life. The factors are diabetes, heart diseases, neurological problems, imbalance in the hormones, menopause, kidney disease, failure of liver, consumption of alcohol and drug abuse. Due to these medical conditions, many kinds of anti-depressant drugs are prescribed by the doctors. The side being lack of sexual desire among woman.

Mental issues

Life is super-fast these days. In fact, people have many kinds of stress and anxiety these days, which might occur from work pressures, problems in marriage or relationship, guilt feeling or maybe some trauma of past sexual activity. All these issues lead a woman to feel a lack of desire for a sexual activity. How are woman affected by lack of sexual desire in them?

Lack of sexual desire

There are tons of factors to feel sexually un-aroused. Medical conditions like imbalance in the hormones, cancer, anxiety, frustration, pregnancy and exhaustion will lead to lack of desire. Having the same routine of sexual activity, work related pressures, family related pressures, lifestyle factors and taking care of children will lead to a lack of desire among the woman.

Arousal crisis during a sexual activity

Woman who are suffering from anxiety are most unlikely to get aroused during their sexual activity. Due to less amount of vaginal lubrication, a woman is not taking an active part along with their partners in the sexual activity.

Lack of orgasms

This is the sexual climax of the activity. This can be caused by lack of interest, lack of knowledge, and mental factors like past sexual abuse, fatigue and guilt feeling. Other factors might include critical medical conditions.

Agony filled intercourse

This pain while performing the sexual activity can be because of many problems like endometriosis, pelvic mass, ovarian cysts, vaginitis, less lubrication, scar tissue left from surgery and a sexually transmitted disease. Vaginismus is a condition in which the muscles surrounding the vaginal entrance contract. This occurs among woman who are of the thought that intercourse will be painful for them and this might create a phobia among them.

BeautyCareTips Suggestion :You can tell all these problems to your doctor. She or he will be the best person to help you out. An incomplete sexual activity will lead to a problem in your relation or in your marital life. If you are facing the same condition as mentioned above, then you must not wait.

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