How to Avoid Dry Skin in Winter Season?

We all love our skin. We also love the Winter season. But for our skin the winter season isn’t very friendly at all. Due to low humidity and chilled weather, the skin tends to get dry. lack of moisture in the winter season makes our skin unhealthy and harsh. If proper care is not taken on time, then it can cause severe bleeding as well as cracking. With proper treatment and application of moisturiser will keep you skin young and healthy. Exposure to sunlight can provide you with the additional moisture, even hot showers can help you too.

The damage of the skin also depends on the skin type. Following certain tips can let you keep your skin hydrated and healthy. Try to avoid oily food, keep yourself well hydrated and hygienic. For many people the winter season is not at all having the one red cheeks but also the damaged and dry skin.


How to avoid dry skin in winter season?


Skin gets dry during the winter season. However, to keep it hydrated and healthy, you need to follow certain tips. Due to cold weather, the skin loses out the moisture and gets dry quickly. Eating more fruits can keep your skin benefited and glowing.


1. Avoid Toxins, Specifically Allergens and Irritants:

Do you suffer from dermatitis or eczema? If yes, then you must avoid the allergens or the irritants which may cause you severe irritation. During the winter season, avoiding the irritating fabrics such as wool or any kind of harsh chemicals which can dry up your skin easily. Try to use the mild lotion or soft clothes to keep your skin healthy and free from any irritation.


2. Wash in Lukewarm Water:

 Luke warm water wash for dry skin care

Taking shot water bath is always pleasant during the winter season. Make sure to wash your face or hands in lukewarm water whenever you are thinking to wash them. This makes it possible to keep the oil secretion at a minimum level.


3. Hydrate From the Inside Out:

During the winter season, it is very much needed to stay hydrated throughout. To keep yourself well hydrated, you need to consume a lot of water as well as fruits which are rich in water content. Fruits like apples, watermelon, kiwi, oranges and vegetables such as the cucumbers, tomatoes, carrots, celery etc should be consumed in a high level and on regular basis. Consume calcium and even omega-3 or any kind of fish oils, fats that will help you to build the fresh skin cells making it smooth and glowing.


4. More Moisturiser:

During the summer, spring or autumn you will find a perfect skin lotion or moisturiser but getting a proper skin moisturiser for the winter season is a bit difficult. During the winter season, the skin becomes dull and dry. To avoid this situation, you need to apply more moisturiser during the winter season. Apply heavy lotion during the night especially to keep the skin well moisturised and healthy.


5. Exfoliate:


One of the most important thing that almost every individual forgets is to clean the dead cells that gets deposited on our skin during the winter season. Even a lotion is not enough to deal with the dead cells, if it is in a high range. In order to avoid the dead cell formation, you should perform exfoliation on your skin. Find for a perfect and well-known exfoliating mask or pack to use it onto your skin and keep it hydrated and hygienic. Use brush to clean the chapped lips or dried lips. even exfoliating body gels or masks are available in the market that are especially made for the winter season use.


6. Choose Moisturiser Carefully:


During the winter season, one of the most important thing to take care of is how you are selecting your moisturiser. Like cleansers, choosing an inappropriate moisturiser can cause you more dry and dull skin. try to choose the one having a oily base as it will help your skin to balance the oil secretion and keeping it fresh.


7. Change Your Cleanser:


Taking care of the type of cleanser you are about to use during the winter season is very much important. Choosing a wrong cleanser can make your skin more dry and dull. If you are prone to use the cleansers containing glycol, then you must shift to a cleanser having all hydrated properties. It will make your skin feel lighter and glowing as well keeping it well moisturised. Use the best hydrated cleanser available in the market. Keep your skin naked for about 10 minutes after cleansing, then you can use a hydrated toner to capture the moisture level.


8. Protect:

 Protecting your skin is one of the best thing that you need to do during the winter season to keep your skin healthy and protective. Apply sunscreen whenever you are out as it can protect your skin from further damaging. Use scarfs or caps or umbrellas to keep your skin covered and not exposed to the dust outside.

So these are the top 8 tips to follow if you really want to get rid of the dullness and dryness of your skin during the winter season. All these steps are necessary to perform properly to get a beautiful and glowing skin even in the winter season.

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