8 Steps to get Fairness on Dull Skin

Is your dull and dry skin becoming a question for you to not getting out regularly? Dry and dull skin might be another reason for making you look darker than what your usual skin tone is. Well, getting rid of dull and dry skin in ended important and if you are looking for a fairer skin, you do not have to shred out a lot of money from your pocket. In fact, you never have to burn out a hole in your pocket and purchase expensive ointments from the store for your unattractive skin. Well, here are the top 8 choices for you to help you grab a firer skin tone.

Follow these 8 Steps to get Fairness on Dull Skin now!

1. Eat Healthy to Get Healthy Fairness:

fruits and vegetable for glowing skin

The first thing that you need to do is to follow a healthy diet in order to get a fairer complexion! The issues of dry skin is always bigger and as a result of this, the dry skin often lacks of vital nutrients which should have been presented within the body. Before you try out any homemade or a remedy, all you have to do is to have a closer look at your eating habits. You should always consume loads of fresh green fruits, vegetables or even grains. remember that there must be enough milk in your diet and other foods such as ones, yogurt to protect your skin from drying out. All these foods will nourish your skin cells and will make you a lot more healthy.

2. Drink a Lot of Water:

water for glowing skin

The next thing that you need to do is to always keep yourself dehydrated. Well, we have all heard that daily a minimum of 2l water should be consumed by everyone. But if you do not consume this, the lack water largely affects into your metabolism. Without the sufficient usage of water, the usual process of the body metabolism never functions properly and as a result of this, drinking a lot of water is indeed every essential for you to have. It will help you to flush out the toxins right way from the body and will also allow you to maintain a fair and healthy skin tone.

3. Practice Exercise and Yoga Every Day:

Yoga and exercise for glowing skin

Well, never be surprised or depressed by this step as exercising and practising yoga everyday will help a lot. Both the activities of a workout as well as a yoga session helps a lot everyday in improving the inner health as well as maintaining the skin. It is specially factual in the case of dry skinned beauties. Soft if you are someone amongst them, all that you have to do is to figure out a routine which you have to follow for each and everyday. Then, just go on for a 30 minute session for walking as well as internal healthy and then reduce the stress. Thus, after a session of exercises and yoga, you shall see the results in quite a few days.

4. Apply a Mixture of Olive Oil and Almond Oil:

olive and almond oil for glowing skin

Home remedies are the best in this problem. If you want to look fairer naturally, then the best thing you can do is to take 2 tbsp of olive oil and mix it with the almond oil. Now apply the mixture on your face and massage gently for 10-20 minutes. Wash it off after that with cold water.

5. Use Sandalwood Powder Face Pack:

Sandalwood for glowing skin

Another important and effective home remedy to get fairness naturally is to apply the sandalwood powder as face pack. Take 3 tbsp of sandalwood powder and mix it with sufficient amount of water or you can use rose water or milk to make a paste. Apply it onto your face the pack and leave it for 10 minutes. Wash it off with warm water once dried.

6. Use Almond & Milk Pack:

almond and milk for glowing skin

One of the most effective home remedy to look fairer naturally is this extra-ordinary combination of Almonds and Milk. Adding few rose petals will do wonders to your face. Add crushed almonds few with 2 tbsp of milk and few rose petals. Mix it well to form like a paste. Now apply it not your face and leave it for overnight for best result.

7. Turmeric and Honey Pack:

turmeric and honey for glowing skin

Turmeric is good for health and we all know the age-old formula to get look fairer is to use turmeric paste. Make this pack using 2 tbsp of turmeric powder and mix it with water and 1 tbsp of honey. Apply onto the face as a pack and leave it for 30 minutes. Wash it off afterwards.

8. Ice Cubes:

ice for glowing skin



Applying ice cubes on your face makes the face look fairer for the temporary time being. It freezes the applied part of your face and makes it look red and fairer.

BeautyCareTips Suggestion : Applying ice on pimples and rashes minimises pain or itchiness by reducing the blood flow.

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